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Kyle Byers, founder
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GrowthBadger is an experiment.

How quickly can I build a million-dollar blog from scratch?

Without outside funding, a detailed business plan, or even a clear monetization path.

Figuring everything out as I go.

Not to say this is my first rodeo… 

I’m the co-founder of an agency called Blue Mint Marketing, and I’ve run ad campaigns for businesses with tens of millions of dollars in yearly ad spend.

But with GrowthBadger, I’ll be trying things I haven’t done before, running experiments, and showing you the results along with step-by-step walkthroughs so you can do the same yourself. 

Here’s my plan to take this blog from $0 – $1M:

     1. Try a bunch of different ways to build an audience as quickly as possible.

     2. Focus on the methods that work best to grow a large following.

     3. Figure out what my audience wants to buy, and sell it to them.

It won’t be easy.

There will be big, surprising victories…

But there will be giant screw-ups, too.

And I’ll be showing you the entire process, right here.

From content marketing and SEO to social media, paid ads, partnerships, giveaways, influencer marketing and PR — we’ll learn the best ways to grow a tiny blog into a successful business.

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