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How 1 Blog Post Attracted Dozens of Authority Links And Increased This Site’s Traffic By 843%

In April 2019, GrowthBadger was still a very new blog with just a handful of posts.

Up to that point, its most popular article had only been linked to from a few sites and had been shared only 82 times.

But thanks to a strategy called the “Double Survey Technique,” the next post I published was quickly shared over 1,000 times and received dofollow links from dozens of high-authority sites:

As a result, that single post quickly increased this entire site’s traffic by 843%.

Since then, I’ve used the same technique again and again to continue growing my backlinks and traffic.

And I’ve boiled it down to a step-by-step process that anyone can repeat (as long as they’re willing to put in the effort).

If you’d like to see exactly how it works, I’ve written a complete guide that covers the entire process and also shows my results in more detail.

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