As I say on the homepage, GrowthBadger is an experiment to find out the best ways to build a blog from $0 to a $1,000,000 business — with no outside funding.

What’s the plan?

1. Try a bunch of different ways to build an audience as quickly as possible.

2. Focus on the methods that work best to grow a large following.

3. Figure out what my audience wants to buy, and sell it to them. (This will probably start with something small and build up from there.)

As of now, I have 0 visitors.

I’m obviously at step #1.

Over the next 90 days, I’m going to test several different strategies for bringing in traffic, and share the results with you.

For anything that works, I’ll show you details on how I did it so you can do the same for your blog or business.

Results and how-to guides each 1-3 months

After that, I’ll repeat the process, doing more of what worked and also trying other things.

What strategies am I going to try?

Over these first 90 days, I plan to experiment with 3 things:

  • The “Skyscraper Technique,” aka “10x Content” — basically finding a topic that needs better content, writing a really great, in-depth guide about it, and promoting that guide with the goal of getting it to rank #1 on Google for a specific keyword.
  • Guest posting — writing articles on other blogs as a guest author in order to spread spread awareness, drive traffic and build links.
  • Product giveaways — doing a drawing for some great free stuff, which people can win by subscribing to my email list.

I’ll go into much more detail about each of those strategies and how well they worked by the end of the next 90 days, and in the meantime you’ll see the specific in-depth guides I write as I publish them on this blog.

If you’re subscribed to my email list, I’ll also let you know when I start the giveaway so you can enter to win some awesome products. So click here to subscribe if you haven’t already.